Members Meeting for the Mitchells Plain Town Centre Improvement District NPC

Provision of Guarding Service and Provision of IPCCTV Installation and Management specifications

“Mitchells Plain Town Centre Improvement NPC urgently require a City Improvement District Manager (CID).

The applicants must have matric and 3 years experience of CID requirements in the Mitchell’s Plain area. The detailed job description can be downloaded from the website at CLOSING DATE: 4TH OF OCTOBER 2019 AT 16h00″

Notice of Public Meeting

Imofin (PTY) LTD, registered owner of Erf 29370, Mitchell’s Plain, represented by Mr B Bordiss intends applying to establish an SRA, to be called the Mitchell’s Plain Town Centre Improvement District (MPTCID) in terms of the City of Cape Town: Special Rating Area By-Law – 2012 (as amended 2016) read together with the City of Cape Town’s Special Rating Area Policy to include all non-residential rated properties in the area bound by:

Northern Boundary:  From the railway line across Seventh Avenue along Third Avenue up and until the intersection with First Avenue (excluding the rail reserve).

Eastern Boundary: From the intersection of First Avenue and Third Avenue southward along First Avenue and Katdoring Street up to the intersection with Forth Avenue.

Southern Boundary:  From the intersection of Fourth Avenue and Katdoring Street along Fourth Avenue westward, across Seventh Avenue up until the railway line.

Western Boundary:  From Fourth Avenue along the railway line to Third Avenue (excluding the rail reserve).

A public meeting will be held, the purpose of which shall be to:

  1. Inform all attendees of relevant information pertaining to the application, and to
  2. Discuss the practical implications relating thereto.

DATE                    : 16 July 2018

TIME                    : 14:00

PLACE                  : Council Chamber

ADDRESS            : City of Cape Town Lentegeur Admin Office, Cnr of Merrydale & Melkbos Roads, Lentegeur, Mitchell’s Plain

Enquiries, contact Bradley Bordiss Tel: 021 448 4552


Dear Mitchell’s Plain Town Centre property owner / business owner

As a property owner / business owner or member of the community in the area, you are no doubt aware of some of the problems in the area. Incidents of crime, grime and urban degradation are on the rise.  These problems are of concern and need to be effectively addressed.

Property owners of other communities have already invested in the future of their areas by establishing their own Special Rating Areas commonly known as City Improvement Districts.  A group of concerned property and business owners has taken the initiative to seek solutions to these problems, and they are appealing for your support in establishing a Special Rating Area (SRA), commonly known as a City Improvement Districts for Mitchells Plain Town Centre.  Your participation and support in establishing this SRA, will not only be greatly appreciated, it will also lead to upgrading of the public urban environment around your property.

Please help us by completing the attached questionnaire so that we can understand your views and concerns.

What is a Special Rating Area?

  • A statutory body established under the SRA by-law of the City of Cape Town previously known as City Improvement  District (CID)
  • The SRA is funded by a way of additional rate collected from rate payers by the City of Cape Town and paid to the management board of the proposed Mitchells Plain Town Centre SRA.
  • The additional rate will pay for supplementary municipal services within the defined area such as security, cleansing and other urban upgrade initiatives as described in a business plan.

Why do we need the SRA?

  • It will reduce crime, grime and homelessness through improved management of the area.
  • It will provide a safer, cleaner and friendlier public environment.
  • Public space will be upgraded and property values tend to increase within SRA’s.

How does it work?

  • ‘Top up’ services will be added to those provided by the City.
  • The additional rate may only be used for services in the designated area as outlined in the agreed business plan.
  • An SRA provides property owners with a direct say in the management of the designated area.

The Mitchells Plain Town Centre Improvement District Steering Committee

The Mitchells Plain Town Centre Improvement District Steering Committee is chaired by Mr Bradley Bordiss: Managing Director of Bordiss Properties.  Contact Telephone Number: 021 448 4552 or email him on