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Launch of Law Enforcement contingent Teams
We launched the roving Law Enforcement contingent Teams for PTIs this morning from Mitchells plain. The.Mayor and JP.Smith were present. We are fully operational now with the Metro Police Law Enforcement CID Project . The Drone Air support was also present to oversee matters.
Safety team to be deployed at public transport facilities

24 October 2023

The City of Cape Town will be deploying additional law enforcement officers at public transport facilities across Cape Town to curb criminal activities, enforce compliance with by-laws and address informal trading matters. This is another great safety partnership between the City and the Western Cape Government. In this case, the Western Cape Mobility Department is funding this team – named the Public Transport Facilities Safety Team – as part of its safer public transport initiative.

‘This morning, I attended the launch of the new Public Transport Facilities Safety Team which forms part of the City’s Transport Enforcement Unit, at the Mitchells Plain Town Centre. The team will soon commence with active duty at public transport facilities where there is an urgent need for additional safety and security interventions. The deployment will be based on hotspot identification by our data analysts from the City’s Public Transport Department. This will ensure that resources are deployed where most needed, based on sound evidence. I trust this joint initiative with the Western Cape Mobility Department will contribute to our efforts to make transport facilities safer for our commuters, transport operators, and all who use these spaces,’ said the City’s Mayor, Geordin Hill-Lewis.

The City already has dedicated officers from the Transport Enforcement Unit at the public transport interchanges at Bellville, the Station Deck in the Cape Town central business district, and Joe Gqabi.

‘The Public Transport Safety Team is a roving team. They are now busy with induction and once done, will be deployed where they are needed. We know, for example, there are safety and security issues at public transport facilities in Wynberg, Langa, and Mitchells Plain, to name but a few. They will be patrolling these facilities on foot, and doing inspections to prevent drug peddling, to ensure organised informal trading, and to address by-law contraventions. They will be able to make arrests, and issue fines. The team will work closely with their colleagues from the Transport Enforcement Unit, Traffic Services, and Law Enforcement,’ said the City’s Mayoral Committee Member for Safety and Security, Alderman JP Smith.

‘The City’s recently approved Comprehensive Integrated Transport Plan (CITP) indicates that up to 22% of commuters use minibus-taxi services, and an additional 9% use bus services such as GABS, MyCiTi and Sibanye. Thus, nearly one out of every three commuters use a public transport facility where they board a bus or a minibus-taxi to get to work and other destinations. We need to do as much as we can to ensure that commuters feel and are safe. Commuters’ perception of safety is closely linked to seeing officers on the ground, patrolling and doing crime prevention, and doing what is needed to ensure an orderly and safe facility. I’m sure the presence of these officers will make a huge difference, and I ask commuters and operators to please support these officers, and to work with them, so that we can keep Capetonians moving safely,’ said the City’s Mayoral Committee Member for Urban Mobility, Councillor Rob Quintas.

‘Getting people to and from work safely is a top priority for the Western Cape Government. I am pleased that this partnership is resulting in concrete action to make public transport facilities safer. The presence of this safety team will not only improve mobility, but will also improve the environment for economic activity in these spaces,’ said Western Cape Minister of Mobility Ricardo Mackenzie.

Solid Waste Project – Cleaning Town Centre Afters Hours!
Since the establishment of the CID in Town Centre, the city has been able to reinstate the night shift cleansing program. With the infrastructure established by the CID we have been able to provide a safer environment for the city employees who previously were unable to effectively carry out this program due to safety concerns and incidents experienced. With the collaboration the community is able to have access to a cleaner shopping centre and commuting environment. The CID has also established a cleansing team to tackle hot spot cleaning in areas of concern during shopping hours to assist the city in providing a cleaner healthier environment.
CID Mitchells Plain and Metro Police Joint Venture Project
  • Metro Police CCTV Monitoring and Law Enforcement Deployment for Town Centre Mitchells Plain
  • The 1st time Town Centre has Law Enforcement officers stationed at Town Centre and deployed from Town Centre, Mitchells Plain!
  • Law Enforcement officers to be deployed with Body Cams – Pilot Project launched at Town Centre Mitchells Plain!
  • Metro Police CCTV Monitoring live in Real Time from CID Offices – CCTV Control Room at Town Centre Mitchells plain!
With a previously proven working relationship with Law Enforcement, once the LEAP Programme was established, we created a space within our offices to house and accommodate the officers and allowing them access to our CCTV Infrastructure. This greatly helped them achieve their goals in crime prevention and the battle against drug related activities in the precinct. Now extended, the Metro Police in a Joint Venture with the CID Town Centre have built a CCTV Control Room on site at the CID Offices at Town Centre from which more than 50 Law Enforcement Officers will be deployed to Town Centre and the surrounding Residential Areas, providing meaningful Law Enforcement and Oversight to the Community of Mitchell`s Plain. The CID Executive management have worked tirelessly with the Metro Police, Law Enforcement, The Local Councillor for Sub Council 12 Town Centre, and the Mayor’s Office to achieve this major coup for the Communities of Mitchells Plan as well as the Commercial Property Landlords. The implementation and operation of this Project is a game changer in the Fight Against Crime. Finally, this JV Project at Town Centre Mitchells Plain was chosen to launch the Body Cam Pilot Project, in which each Law Enforcement officer deployed will be fitted with Body Cams which greatly enhances the real time security data on the ground protecting and saving lives of Officers and providing information in real time on criminals and criminal activity!
C) CID Presence and Crime Stats – Decrease in CRIME in and around Town Centre Mitchells Plain
Whilst no official and published crime stats existed publicly prior to the establishment of the CID at Mitchells Plain, the impact of the establishment of the CID, the CID`s first Gate and Fencing Closure Project around Town Centre , the establishment and build of the CID`s CCTV Camera System and Control Room, the roll out of the CID Guarding and Public Visible Policing Program and the integration of Public and Private Security via the CID`s Security Cluster Briefings have all contributed to the reduction in Crime and Property related crimes. This has been regularly confirmed at the Weekly briefings held at SAPS Mitchells, that there has been a steady and noteworthy a decline in property related crimes within the precinct of Town Centre. Another noteworthy mention is that since the establishment of the Mitchell`s Plain CID there have been many instances of National and Local Civil unrest in South Africa and during every single one of these periods of Unrest, National Strikes and  Protest Actions, the precinct of the Town Centre Mitchells Plain has not been affected at all , nor did any person or nor any tenant suffer losses during these events , including the most recent Taxi Violence/ SANTACO Strike in the Western Cape. Our lines of communication have been well established with all the necessary law enforcement agencies and immediate contingencies are put into place whenever a form of risk is established. We firmly believe that this has created an environment where major chain stores have returned to the once vibrant and loved Town Centre.
FAQs – City Improvement Districts (CIDs)
CID and City Cleaning Serices combined to provide overnight cleaning services at the Town Centre , Mitchell’s Plein
13 JULY 2021
*City finalises operational plan to mitigate risks of public unrest* The City of Cape Town has been working on an operational plan to mitigate the risk of public unrest, amid ongoing scenes of violence and looting in KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng. The City appeals to the public to refrain from spreading fake news on the looting and unrests_. *Read more below:* To date, there has been no indication of similar incidents in Cape Town, even though a poster started circulating on social media late yesterday, warning of a shutdown protest in the city. We are also aware that some shopping malls have closed as a precautionary measure, although there is no imminent threat at this point. There was some panic caused earlier today when police responded to an incident of theft at a mall in Mitchell’s Plain. Some people started running in panic, and these images started circulating on social media. There was no looting or violence, and police arrested the suspects. ‘I appeal to the public to please help us stop the spread of fake news regarding false reports of public violence in Cape Town, which is based on old videos that are circulating. This is making it difficult for law enforcement to adequately respond to safety incidents. We all need to work together to ensure our city remains safe and the sharing of outdated videos, pictures and unconfirmed reports has the potential to leave communities vulnerable by unnecessarily diverting resources where it is needed most,’ said Executive Mayor Dan Plato. The City acknowledges that there is a growing sense of anxiety among residents who fear that the violence could spill over into Cape Town. ‘It is important to state upfront, that the South African Police Service is responsible for public order policing. However, the City’s enforcement agencies work in support of SAPS at all times, with operational responsibilities coordinated via the Provincial Joint Operations Centre. In the past 24 hours, a number of engagements have taken place to compile operational contingencies should these be required,’ said Mayoral Committee Member for Safety and Security, Alderman JP Smith. While we cannot disclose specific details, the City would like to inform the public that:
  • A list of potential targets has been compiled, to ensure regular patrols in these areas
  • All Area Chiefs across our Metro Police, Law Enforcement and Traffic Service have been tasked with drafting integrated deployment plans in areas that could potentially be targeted
  • Staff on rest days will be activated to ensure as many resources on the ground as possible
  • Staff will be activated after hours, if need be
  • Redeployment of staff from other areas or functions will be considered/implemented if need be
  • CCTV surveillance will be used to capture any incidents, to identify any suspects  and to help mobilise ground forces
‘The City will do everything in its power to support policing efforts should the need arise. However, we call on the national government to act decisively to address the ongoing violence elsewhere in the country. As a city that is already dealing with a number of enforcement priorities and risks to public safety, amid the third wave of Covid-19 infections, Cape Town can ill afford the scenes that have been broadcast on our television screens and via social media in recent days,’ added Alderman Smith. End Issued by: Media Office, City of Cape Town

Latest News

Launch of Law Enforcement contingent Teams

We launched the roving Law Enforcement contingent Teams for PTIs this morning from Mitchells plain. The.Mayor and JP.Smith were present. We are fully operational now with the Metro Police Law Enforcement CID Project . The Drone Air support was also present to oversee matters.